This deck and book set is a very special treat for the eyes, hands and mind. I received this set as a gift...and I have been savoring and enjoying them for a long time. Decks that explore Hawaiian spirituality and cultural wisdom are rare and unusual; this makes this deck even more of a gem. However, in addition to its rare subject matter, the deck is beautifully created and the book is very informative, so the set is useful, attractive and anyone can learn to work with it...I absolutely recommend this deck and book set to anyone who has any interest in Hawaiian spirituality and culture... Gina M. Pace

Becker has spent many years connecting "with the natural and spiritual worlds of Hawai'i" according to the biography in the almost 200 page book that accompanies this deck of 44 cards. The artwork on the cards defies description--it's wonderful and accurately portrays Hawaiian cultural concepts and values while maintaining a definite aura of mystery and intrigue. The book is a virtual primer on the Hawaiian culture... There are extensive endnotes that provide excellent resources for further exploration of the Hawaiian culture, and an addendum that describes all of the symbols on each card, including their Hawaiian names...It's a "must have," and studying all of the information here will teach you a lot about Hawai'i... Bill Taylor, Hawai'i Island Journal.

The beauty of Hawaii and its traditional wisdom create the exquisite Mana Cards... forty-four dazzling cards and an insightful 204-page companion book...Author Catherine Kalama Becker, Ph.D....has spent years compiling these traditional treasures and presents them in a fascinating and wise light. She also draws upon traditional beliefs from cultures worldwide, creating a cross-cultural bridge empowering to all... Karen Crane, New Age Retailer.

...When the copy of the set of Mana cards was sent to me for review, Catherine Kalama Becker had pulled a card with me in mind. The cards had been mailed out days after I had moved from Baltimore to the San Francisco Bay Area, and the one that had been chosen for me was Hulu 25. The chant for this card, which depicts a feather in a lush grove is, "A he nani ke ao nei" ("Behold this lovely world".)...The interpretation of the teaching discusses how the goddess Kaiona would help people who were lost by sending a bird to guide them out of the forest. Feathers are a symbol of elevating your consciousness so you can see where you are heading... "Feathers remind us to pay close attention to where we came from, where we are and where we are going." No wonder I've been tripping over feathers wherever I've been in my new state! Stacy Meyn, Whole Life Times.

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